• Welcome customers by greeting voice
  • Map multi-departments – Sales, Admin, and Support
  • Forward calls to multiple devices/extensions
  • Record all customer calls
  • Missed call details
  • Office Timing setup/Festival setup
  • Check/Download Call Detail Records
  • Blacklist a number
  • Industry best web control panel

6000 minutes credit (additional.90paisa/minute) SMS Alerts (13paisa/SMS) 1-year validity


How IVR Service Actually Works

Anyone who calls on your Business Number will first hear a Company welcome message (Welcome to XYZ Company Limited, We offer special products and services) and the post welcome message extension option will become :

  • Press 1 For Sales Department
  • Press 2 For HR Department
  • Press 3 For Marketing Department
  • Press 4 For Accounts Department
  • Press 9 For customer care

Give a top level of control over the business. Streamlines all business communication. Keep track of opportunities within a single dashboard.
Based upon the extension option selected by a caller, Incoming calls will be automatically routed to any mobile or landline phone mapped to that extension and the agent start speaking with a customer. After post call is completed, the System will automatically send an SMS to the caller number.